Friday, January 8, 2010

-just started-

nothing much to share here...
it's saturday morning @ home..lovely day for me as i enjoy much stay at home
fyi my sis in law was admitted in kpj , because of chicken pox (weird is it...for age as 28 yrs,errmm)
we (my mum,my younger sister n i) when for a visit last night
had a great moment actually,because family moment's is the best moment right????
and today i've planned to buy my mum's present as her birthday is around the corner which is this monday..unfortunately i'll be back in malacca this sunday.. :(
do u have any idea what to give for my mother???
well i have decided to buy something.. my mum :)
that's all guys
more toughts coming...

here is a picture of my mother and i
<3 u mama

we do look alike right???

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